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The Genre Lab.

Thinking across boundaries.

Who we are...

Who we are...

We are The Genre Lab. We are interdisciplinary researchers. We are creative practitioners. We are scholars. We think big. We solve problems. We find new questions. We believe in collaborative, co-constructed, and creative approaches. We ask "what if?", "how can we?", and "why not?".

What we do...

What we do...

We take pride in responding creatively to whatever is thrown at us. That said, we excel in the following areas:





We perform high-quality research and development for all types of organisations.  We can undertake isolated projects for institutions which do not already have a research remit, or we can perform creative, interdisciplinary research and development for organisations looking to keep ahead of the curve, gain insight, or solve a tricky problem.



We consult on research and development, with a special expertise in interdisciplinary and creative research, as well as Mental Health and Wellbeing. We are keen problem solvers and we try to offer consultation in any situation where our expertise, insight, and approach would prove useful.



We connect researchers from different fields to facilitate rich interdisciplinary research groups and projects. Similarly, if your organisation performs research already but would benefit from interdisciplinary expertise, we can help to co-construct a team which best suits your research and development goals.



The Genre Lab is made up of active researchers and creative practitioners. We perform our own interdisciplinary and creative research in order to remain at the forefront of the field and to develop innovative responses to pressing social issues, creativity theory, mental health, and the human condition.

Innovation, Development, Project Management
Research, Reading, Writing
Creativity, Critical Thinking, Mental Health

"Pushing the
boundaries to create something different in spaces that don’t accept difference
" - Dr Nikolai Duffy

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